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YOUR FAMILY HOLIDAY IN    Riccione, Italia

Lots of ideas on what to see in Romagna during your holidays

For many years here, at the Perazzini Agency we have rented holiday homes in our Riviera Romagnola to those who thought that in Riccione, besides the sea... there was nothing!
A nice relaxing holiday, but also fun, needs beaches like ours, but not only that.
We are always prouder and happier to be here because, in addition to the sea, we have a magnificent hinterland to discover.

That's why we told our guests, and we continue to do so, what are the many things to see and do in Romagna!
Here are some ideas, and if you want more suggestions let us know:
we are here to give you wonderful dreams before you even leave, and to make them come true when you come to us.


Surely you have heard of Paolo and Francesca, the two lovers that Dante made famous in the Divine Comedy. Legend has it that they were discovered right in the fortress of this ancient medieval village, still surrounded by high walls, with lanes winding through old houses, small curiosities and excellent restaurants, as well as a curious and interesting falconry arena.


The imposing fortress can be seen from the surrounding countryside, or even from the sea, and is one of the symbols of the Malatesta dominion over Montefiore. Visiting it is almost a must to go back to ancient times, and we also recommend its craftsmen's workshops, a selfie with the surrounding landscape and the many events, especially in summer, that make this village definitely alive in the past and present.


In addition to Montefiore, we suggest you discover all the small towns in the surrounding hills: Montecolombo, Montescudo and Gemmano are excellent not only for wine tasting and other typical local products, but also for trekking and mountain biking: not only an ancient or tasteful heart, but also an important destination for your physical and mental wellbeing. There is nothing better than a bit of exercise in nature!


Have you ever heard of the Palio del Daino? This famous medieval festival has been taking place for more than twenty years in the heart of Mondaino, and brings to life for four days a moment in history in which Montefeltro and Malatesta made peace, always fighting each other. Here you can taste some excellent fossa cheese and relive the splendours of past eras, immersing yourself completely in the Renaissance!

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There is a story, probably a legend, that cloaks the fortress of Montebello in mystery: it seems that here the last daughter of the Malatesta family, called Azzurrina because of the colour of her hair, disappeared in mysterious circumstances... but she never left her home. If you're brave enough, you can visit the castle at night, when many people say they heard her little footsteps coming down the stairs... maybe after a little dinner in the surroundings, to gain strength!


We're sure you've heard of the oldest republic in the world, and if not, now is definitely the time to learn more. We recommend to take a tour in the historical centre of this small independent state, perched on top of Mount Titano, where you can not only enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view, but also find many small curiosities in the shops or delicious dishes in its restaurants, and really relive the glories of the Middle Ages as a knight or a lady of the past.


When we feel like a bit of poetry, and to taste something traditional but with that extra touch, we usually go to Santarcangelo. The birthplace of Tonino Guerra, in its historical centre you can venture uphill to the top of the hill, with its castle, bell tower and, here and there, many small treasures: the museum of buttons, the space dedicated to the poet and the trattorias, restaurants and clubs to enjoy a good glass of Sangiovese. Before or after the barbecue, it is your choice!


If Tonino Guerra takes us to Santarcangelo, it is master Fellini who makes us go around Rimini. We feel a bit like an older sister for Riccione, where we can walk in the footsteps of the Romans, or taste a fish speciality in the village of San Giuliano, where the fishermen used to live, or even lengthen our promenade to the port and the Ferris wheel. Of course, Riccione is still our favourite... but we also advise you to "trespass" a little further north!


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