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YOUR FAMILY HOLIDAY IN    Riccione, Italia

Apartments for Rent in Riccione near the sea

The Perazzini Agency was born in 1974, more than 40 years ago: our family started renting apartments in Riccione while playing pieces like David Bowie's Rebel Rebel on the radio.
When we listen to that song, we feel creativity, charge and passion: these are the same elements with which we continue to carry on the family business, to which we also combine a lot of availability and expertise that we have accumulated over the years.

In our agency, we still have the phone booth from which our clients used to call home to let us know they had arrived. We still keep it there because it is by knowing where we started from that we understand where we have arrived, and where we want to go.
Every element of our workplace reminds us not only of our past, but especially of our present and our future. In each of these times there is our city and above all our customers!

We carefully choose the apartments for rent in Riccione that we propose so that they reflect the guests who will occupy them: near the sea to breathe deeply the holiday, in residences or small buildings to combine tranquility and security.
For a long time we have been personally responsible for finding the best solution for every need, and we can say that we have become quite good... even if there is always something to learn, and challenges do not frighten us!

Each of our apartments has the best furnishings, the facilities in accordance with the law, the kitchens equipped with dishes and refrigerator and the possibility to rent sheets or other bed linen: your only thought will be to finally enjoy your holiday in Riccione.

Rely on the Perazzini family, it will become yours too!

This is our team:


He is continuing the work started by his father, preparing proposals for guests who are looking for an apartment in Riccione, with a careful analysis not only of customer needs but also of our offer. He is in the office every day, always ready to solve the various problems that arise during the summer season. Its look is chameleon-like, you will immediately recognize it: it is athletic and elegant at the same time..


She has been the voice of the Perazzini Agency for 35 years, and you recognize her because she is always enthusiastic to devote herself to our customers' requests in a timely manner, both on the phone and when they come right here in the office. She always has a smile and a kind word for everyone. If you want to take advantage of our Corner shop, where you will find many curiosities and furnishing accessories, you can ask her, who is a real seller!


It's always been a guarantee here at the office! She prepares and sends offers to customers and her specialty is to answer their questions clearly, both on the phone and by email. She’s really exceptional, because she's methodical and organized, so much so that it helps us keep the office tidy at all times, even when we are overwhelmed by a bit of creative chaos!


You will see him driving our Flaming Red Two Horses, ready to take you to see the apartment you have chosen, when you come to visit us in spring. With his van he drives through the streets of Riccione during the summer to fix the small inconveniences that can happen to our customers: really a marvellous fix-it-all.!

We know Riccione and the surrounding area like the back of our hand, and above all we know you: this allows us not only to find everything you need, but also to advise you on the most beautiful, interesting and unforgettable things to do on holiday!


MARCO will find the right offer for you
ADRIANA will welcome you with kindness
MIRIAM will answer any question
DAVIDE will solve any inconvenience
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