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YOUR FAMILY HOLIDAY IN    Riccione, Italia

Why choose a holiday home instead of a hotel: many advantages in an apartment

Thinking about holidays is one of our favourite pastimes, so much so that we have been doing our job for over 40 years. We know that there are many, many decisions to make, especially taking into account the needs and requirements of the whole family or the group you travel with. One of the most important decisions to make is definitely where to stay: better in a hotel or apartment?

Having been dealing with seasonal rentals in Riccione for so long, we have often analyzed this dilemma with our guests, so that they can enjoy their holidays to the fullest: they must be a period of total relaxation, well-being and above all fun, without worries and constraints..

Here are some reasons to prefer an apartment, or holiday home, instead of a hotel:

Feels like home

Why huddle in a bedroom with a bathroom and maybe just a small day corner?
In a holiday home in Riccione the comforts of home are at your fingertips: kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedrooms... lots of space, comfort and equipment: in addition, for any need regarding your apartment for rent for the summer, you can count on the Perazzini Agency, which always tries to find the solution that best suits your needs... and therefore closer to your home (or your dream home!).

More freedom and privacy

If you're cramped in a hotel room, you can always take advantage of some common space... but you have to share it, very often even share it! With an apartment, instead, you can enjoy intimacy and privacy without limitations, moving freely and without constraints in an exclusive space. You won't have to compete with your neighbour to get the best spot in the common room to enjoy a cool drink: just sit in the living room and prepare it as you prefer, without having to wait for a barman!

You get a more authentic experience

When you travel, you often want to feel a little bit more like "a local" so that you can have an unforgettable holiday and really call it "an experience". The best way to spend a real Riccione day is to rent an apartment, to have a greater and truer contact with the city.
You can go out and buy fresh fish so you can cook it for lunch as you prefer, or discover some small boutique of local delicacies to enjoy away from the crowds of tourists who flock to hotels, bars and restaurants.

Nothing is missing: everything is there

Comfort doesn't have to be a luxury, even on holiday! In the holiday homes we have selected here at Agenzia Perazzini the kitchens are equipped with everything, including appliances.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be completely independent, without you having to go to a bar or restaurant every day - having to prepare yourself first, on an empty stomach! The bedrooms have been designed and furnished as places for relaxation and intimacy, and the lounges have perfect televisions to give you the right rest after a long day at the beach. Want to wash a dress you love? There is no need for laundry: every bathroom has a washing machine!

You can save money!
Last but not least: renting an apartment is cheaper than booking a hotel!
Renting a summer apartment is the cheapest choice, especially for families and larger groups.
The rate that applies is in fact unique according to the length of stay and the season, and not per night as it is usually calculated in hotels. In addition, with the possibility to use the kitchen, you can not only save on lunches and dinners, but you can also decide what to eat and try something really local in the local shops.

What do you think, you think the apartment is the accommodation for you?
Contact us to discover our seasonal rentals in Riccione: apartments and holiday homes have no secrets for us! You'll be able to experience a holiday in the true spirit of Romagna.


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