Riccione apartment

Much more than simply apartments in Riccione. Perazzini offers experience and availability.

Choosing an apartment to rent in Riccione is a difficult choice, moreover when you come from afar and you do not have the opportunity to organize a holiday in the Adriatic Riviera without having a direct view on private beach houses or apartments near the beach with on hand services.

Perazzini avails itself of a proven competence dating back to 1974, selecting and suggesting a wide range of apartments in Riccione and in the surrounding areas, carefully operating in a wide real estate market.
Residence hotels, small buildings, houses at a small distance from the sea have been carefully selected in time to offer those who are looking for a rental in Riccione the best holiday possible.

A holiday in the Adriatic Riviera is certainly a unique and personal experience, to be lived to the best of your expectations. For this reason, it is fundamental to choose a rental flat that meets all the expectations of your stay in Riccione.
Perazzini offers a consultancy that can lead its customers towards the rental of houses that are compatible with their requirements, offering completely furnished apartments suitable for big groups (up to nine people) as well as holidays studied for couples who want to visit Riccione.
Our rental apartments in Riccione are equipped with dishwasher, fridge, kitchen and – on request – blankets and bed sheets, in order to make your holiday in the Adriatic Riviera totally independent.

Riccione is worldwide considered as one of the main touristic capitals in Europe. Renting an apartment with Perrazzini’s consultancy means having the opportunity to move freely and catch every impression in a short period of time.

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