Riccione residence

Between sea and residence hotels, Riccione offers fresh ideas for your holiday in the Riviera.

During the hot summer of the Romagna Riviera, among colourful and involving events, state of the art lidos and very popular theme parks, there are a huge number of tourists eager for sun and fun who choose to stay in a residence hotel.

Riccione meets the requirements of the most resourceful vacationers with various shops, restaurants and on hand services, allowing the tourists to have an independent, easy and absolutely worry free stay.

The question is: how can I plan my holiday in a Riccione residence without a reference point?

This is where our agency begins its task, Perazzini entered this field in 1974 and can lead you towards the most suitable offers according to your requirements.

One, two and three room apartments, as well as fully equipped suites give you a wide choice among the Riccione residence offers, for small groups up to nine people.

Both for a holiday or a business stay, Perazzini can help you in choosing the most suitable residence hotel for your stay. A holiday in the capital of beach fun deserves to be lived in total freedom, without renouncing the comfort of a fully equipped residence hotel. Riccione is ready to present you with the emotions of a not to be miss and unique holiday.

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